Tuesday, May 4, 2010

End in Sight...

Yes folks, after 9 years of playing the role of "habitual grad student" I am finally seeing an end in sight!  And darn it feels good!  I have my last presentation tonight and due to an agreement with my fabulous professor (Dr. Buono) I must make something for the entire class--for the last 3 classes.  Always an easy deal for me since I enjoy whipping up goodies for friends.

Guess what was requested---my Orange-Cherry & Choco-Oat Cookies!  I made a double batch.  The verdict is out--they are a keeper!  I hope you make them, too!  http://ediblenutrition.blogspot.com/2010/01/slow-cooking-monday-delicious-cookies.html

So, once I am done (May 18th) I'll be back to posting more frequently again!  Thanks for all the support and love from my friends and family!


Wendy Jo

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