Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2 Quick Chicken Dinners for 1

Dinner for one again tonight!  
My husband hit the rocks in Nevada for a weekend of climbing while I sat behind my laptop and typed away at my paper.  Although I was sad to be alone for the weekend, I really appreciated that he 1) got to go play and 2) I had time to focus (FOOOOOOO----CUSSSSS)!  I made progress, so that is what counts. With that said I did not want to make a big meal, but it's important for me to eat something healthy.  Need to fuel the brain with the good stuff or I just crash!  I headed out to the grill and cooked up 2 chicken breasts to inspire the following dishes.

Spinach & Chicken Salad
2 cups baby spinach
1 Tbsp goat cheese, crumbled
3 oz grilled chicken breast, thinly sliced
1/4 yellow bell pepper, thinly sliced
1/4 sweet onion (Texas 1500, Maui or Vidalia), thinly sliced
1 Tbsp olive oil
Zest of 1 lime
1/2 lime, juiced
1 Tbsp thyme (can use parsley or basil, too)
Sea salt, to taste

Plate spinach and top with goat cheese.  Top with chicken slices.
In a skillet, saute onion and bell pepper, add in dressing for 1 minute and pour over salad. Serve!

Monday Night Chicken (Round 2 for grilled chicken breast)
2 baby cukes, quartered lengthwise
1/4 yellow bell pepper, thick sliced
1/4 cup hummus
3 oz chicken breast, thinly sliced
2 Tbsp parsley
1 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 lime, juiced
1 pita bread, heated on a cast iron skillet or griddle

Plate cukes, peppers, and hummus (for dipping).  In a skillet, reheat chicken breast in olive oil.  Toss in parsley and lime juice.  Serve along side veggies, hummus, and pita bread for a quick and simple (yet delicious) dinner for one!

Cheers!  Now, it's time for a glass of wine and a chance to unwind a bit.


robinplotkin said...

I am all for cook once and eat twice or even thrice!! Great recipes, WJP!

Meal Makeover Mom Janice said...

Dinner for one... ah, that would be lovely! Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Love using leftovers to throw together another meal or two!