Friday, November 13, 2009

The Lighter Side of Breakfast Tacos

As soon as the tread of my tires cross the Texas line I am on the hunt for breakfast tacos--yes, tacos.  In South Texas breakfast tacos are tradition, a mainstay, a piece of our culture.  They are fluffy eggs, bacon or chorizo wrapped in a fluffy homemade flour tortilla (the small kind--not a burrito), and dolloped with salsa or pico de gallo.  I am salivating just thinking about them! I know, a little dramatic, but when you are out of Texas these are one of the things you miss the most.  Chorizo sausage, bacon, eggs--yes, heart attack waiting to happen.  In order to fulfill my love for these breakfast treats I opt for a lighter version, and I serve it up with a fresh carrot juice smoothie. Hope you give it a try!
Breakfast Tacos--the Lighter Side of Texas
4 eggs (or 1 cup egg substitute)
2 cups frozen potatoes with onions and peppers
1/2 cup chopped ham or pancetta
Cooking Spray
4 corn tortillas
1/2 cup cheddar cheese (2% if you can find it)
Salsa of your choice
In a non-stick skillet sprayed with cooking spray heat potatoes over medium high heat for 20 minutes.  Meanwhile, grate your cheese, cut up your ham, and crack your eggs into a bowl. Add your ham to your potatoes after 10 minutes.  When your potatoes taste tender turn down to low and cover (stirring occasionally).  Heat up a skillet to heat up your corn tortillas--the fresher they are the easier the more pliable they are. Cook eggs in another skillet.  To assemble: place corn tortillas on a plate, top with eggs, pile on potatoes, a touch of cheese, and kiss it with salsa.  Enjoy!
Carrot Juice Smoothie
3 cups carrot juice
2 apples, sliced
1 piece candied ginger
10 grapes
Place all ingredients into blender and spin away!
Great for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner!!


Anonymous said...
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Nicole M., MS, RD, LD said...

I live in Oklahoma and I am YET to make it to Texas (in my defense, we've only lived here 6 months). But, a trip may be in store after looking at those tacos! Yummm!

Nicole M., MS, RD, LD said...


I wanted to stop by and let you know I've moved...


FoodFitnessFreshair said...

mmm. the carrot juice smoothie sounds delish!

Chow and Chatter said...

oh these look like a perfect breakfast to me