Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Recipes!

Yes, Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite times of the year.  I love whipping up a meal for family and friends.  One thing that saddens me is the amount of stress some people choose to have during this time of year. Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks--not stress.  If your holiday season is more stressful than enjoyable you need to take some time to reflect about what is important and look for ways to minimize the stress.  Your stress makes it less enjoyable for people to be around you, as well.
One way to enjoy the season more is to keep the recipes simple!  Here are two recipes that I prepared from (I now have a widget on my Mac so I can google a recipe from Epicurious anytime I want!!--Love Technology!):
Cranberry Cider Relish
On a side note, the health benefits of cider vinegar have been on my mind.  So, this morning I prepared a smoothie with this concoction to start my day off right, as well! Really tangy and tasty!

Pancetta-Sage Turkey w/Gravy (although, I used parsley instead of sage, because that is what I had--improvise!!)
Italian Sausage & Bread Stuffing

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