Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ditch the Bottled Water and Make Your Own!

I frequently ponder the attraction to flavored bottled "waters." Is it the label, the flavor, the price, or the container that makes so many people want to drink flavored "waters?" It certainly should not be the health factor! Let me give you 5 reasons you should NOT drink bottled flavored "water:"
1. Natural flavors don't mean that it's flavored with fruit or real fruit juices---so think about what those "natural" flavors are referring to.
2. Adding to the landfills--how many plastic water bottles per year do you contribute to your local landfill? Plastic bottles take 450-1000 years to biodegrade!!!
3. Artificial sweeteners keep those calories at Zero--I am not 100% against artificial sweeteners, but I do believe in moderation and with artificial sweeteners being added to everything from yogurts to waters I wonder how easy it is to keep those levels in moderation!
4. They cost $$--why spend $1.19 on bottled water (or more) when you can create your own for pennies?
5. If your goal is to lose weight it's important to reduce your addiction to sweets, and a sweetened beverage still provides your taste buds with the "satisfaction" of something sweet.
Break the habit!
So, you might be wondering what are better alternatives to your flavored beverages. Here are some fabulous ways to impart flavor without the chemicals and plastic:
1. Ginger water (my favorite)--Whether you have an upset stomach or just like a bit of spice try slicing 5-6 rounds of ginger and add to your own water bottles.
2. Cucumber water--clean and refreshing and a great way to sip your way into summer.
3. Citrus water--some of the top flavors of water are citrus flavors. Add your own slices of fresh lemon, lime, or orange to water instead.
4. Watermelon water (2 ways)--blend watermelon and freeze in ice cube trays and to water or thinly slice the rind (yes, the rind) and add to your water.
5. Grape water--slice grapes in half and freeze. They are fabulous to snack on or add to your water.
6. Mint water--add 2 sprigs of mint to water.
7. Berry water--blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries all shine in your favorite pint of water.
Cut calories, save money, decrease waste, and eliminate artificial sweeteners all by creating your own flavored waters! Ahhhh...refreshing!

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