Monday, March 1, 2010

Homemade Sports Drink...Yes You Can!

"Really? I can make it myself? You mean there are not a bunch of chemicals I have to buy to make it?"
Yes, that's right--you CAN make your own sports drink.  Making your own sports drink is actually quite easy. Now you can replenish your body and your wallet ($ cha-ching $) at the same time! Using citrus zest is a great way to get a lot of flavor without the problems that are often associated with just drinking fruit juice (gut issues).  Your performance needs are something you need to speak with your sports dietitian about and coach.  When you have some training time you can play with the mix that best fits your performance needs/tastes.  Keep in mind there are some basics that you need to include: 

You take water (bottled, filtered, tap--your choice)
Add in flavor which can either be a juice or citrus zest (I like zest!)
Add in your carbohydrate(s) (start with table sugar, then add honey, molasses, agave nectar, or brown sugar--again, your choice)
Add in the electrolyte (aka salt)
Fifth and final....
Stir and Serve!

Here is an actual recipe, but feel free to play this to make your own Power-Packed Sports Concoction:
1 quart water (4 cups)
Zest of 1 orange, lemon, lime, or grapefruit (combos work great, too)
2 Tbsp honey (fructose)
2 - 4 Tbsp sugar (sucrose)
¼ - ½ tsp salt
Optional additions:
§  Molasses in place of honey
§  Fruit Juice (replace ½ cup of water with ½ cup juice)
§  Fresh ginger slices
§  Fresh mint
Mix and enjoy!


Mom on the Run said...

Thanks for posting this. I will make a batch for my families next road race. I hate buying the sports drinks because they are full of ingredients I don't want my kids to drink.

Edible Nutrition said...

I wholeheartedly agree! Plus, it saves you money! Get the kids involved and you may be surprised how much fun it is to make together, too! I worked with a bunch of young athletes this weekend and they each created their own. Thanks for stopping by!

Olivia Bevan said...


thanks so much for putting the post together. Making your own sports drinks feels so reassuring because you know EXACTLY what went in to them. I've been following a pretty strict training regime for my first Muay Thai fight and have found a book called Gourmet Nutrition ( be invaluable. It contains loads of different protein shakes from scratch as well as great meals (and even some desserts! Shhh, don't tell everyone).

Many of the meals are great family meals too.

I think if you go on their website you can get a pdf of a couple of recipes just to try out.

I look forward to reading more from you and have put a link to your blog posting from my own (address below).

Thanks, Olivia

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Olivia Bevan said...

As promised, here's the link to the plug for your site.

Best of luck with your writing.


Meal Makeover Mom Janice said...

I especially dislike the artificial colors found in some sports drinks. Love the homemade sports drink idea. Hadn't thought of using zest before...