Friday, February 26, 2010

Pick Your Navels!

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No, not your belly button!  It's navel orange season in San Diego! For those of you out there who continually let your citrus drop to the ground and mold here are some ideas to share the wealth and the San Diego gold:

  1. Pick them and take them to your office
  2. Put a bag out front with a sign that says "take me" 
  3. Juice them and freeze them in ice cube trays for later 
  4. Zest them and freeze that to add flavor to your favorite muffins, cakes, breads, dressings, etc.
  5. Find recipes and use them!
I have a lime and an orange tree, so I juiced a ton of limes and froze them in my silicon muffin trays.  Once frozen, I pop them out (with ease) and store them in freezer bags.  So, what do I use mine for?  MARGARITAS!!!  ;o)  I also make a lot of marinades with lime juice.  And, this morning I made an amazing smoothie to start my day:

6 navel oranges, juiced with lots of pulp
4 spears of pineapple
1 cup blueberries

Blend and enjoy! Now I just need to get my vegetables for the day.  Have a great Friday!

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catosmom said...

I wish I had a fruit tree in my yard! Indiana is a little too cold for that kind of stuff. I can't believe people let them rot and mold!!! I WILL TAKE THEM!! =)