Thursday, March 11, 2010

Such a Blog Turnoff & Those I Like!

Perhaps this is just me but I absolutely hate long-winded blogs!  Say what you need to say in a short and concise manner so that I may get onto reading my next favorite blog. I enjoy the meaty facts and tidbits of juicy information, but time is important to me! I have heard many others critique blogs for this same thing, so perhaps it's not just me!  The rule of thumb is say it in <300 words (LESS THAN PEOPLE!)

  • So, to my blog followers, what is it that you like about food blogs and blogs in general? 
  • How do you suggest bloggers keep your readership or get you to become a reader?

Your tips and comments are what matters!  Thanks for reading and for all of the bloggers that I follow can you PLEASE shorten things up a bit and make your RSS feed show the full story, because I prefer to read your blog on my NetNewsWire account instead.  Thanks! ;)

Some of my favorite food and/or nutrition blogs:


Shelley Rael said...

Thanks for the feedback and I agree. I do my best to keep mine short and to the point. Thanks for listing me.

Shelley: NewMexicoDietitian

Nicole, RD said...

I'm flattered, thank you! I do TRY to keep things short, I think that is so important. I think that pictures...but not too many help, too. And I love blogs that ask questions -- I want to know what others think and what my readers think, even if I disagree! Great post, I couldn't agree more!

robinplotkin said...

Thanks so much for including me! I do my best to keep it short and sweet, but do admit I have been a bit verbose at times. This is something I work at each time I blog as part of improving my writing practice! I think? it's working! If nothing else, I hope to have the readers learn something and make them laugh.

THanks for reading.
Twitter: Robinsbite

Edible Nutrition said...

I definitely love pictures and I am trying to add in more questions to get the comments flowing. I have been meaning to join foodgawker, but my studies have taken hold of my time it seems. :o)

I definitely think my listed blogs add to the nutrition info web-realm and I think my readers will find all of your blogs useful and resourceful and FUN!

Cheers to each of you and thanks for blogging along!

Mom on the Run said...

I need to check some of those blogs that you listed, although I already read some of them.

I like food blogs to learn about new recipes I can use in my kitchen. I am learning how to get more readership day by day.

Edible Nutrition said...

Initially when I began blogging I thought I'd lean more towards nutrition information, but innately I fell into blogging more about food and my love of it! I love gaining new food ideas with everyones' recipes and photos. Plus, it's fun to practice my own skill with photography.

Meal Makeover Mom Janice said...

I enjoy food blogs that offer recipes that are well written and actually work (you'd be surprised at how many recipes leave out important details like amounts, yield, etc.) with nice photography. I've been trying to improve the photos on my site and it's a work in progress!