Monday, March 2, 2009

What's In Your Kitchen?

As spring blasts some of us with warm weather and others with frigid snow, it's time to begin thinking about spring cleaning. Yes, it's that time again! So, I must ask...What's in your kitchen? Do you have can goods that are expired, spices that are clumped together, or is your pantry so packed that you don't even know what's in it? Well, it's time for that to change!

So, let's move onto your refrigerator...clean it out--top to bottom! It's time to pull out the mystery meat, the moldy leftovers, and the cheese that has fur on it. Then take a bleach solution (1 Tb. bleach to 4 cups water) and wipe it down. Don't forget the cracks in the door! It's not energy efficient or cooling efficient if your refrigerator is packed. Your food needs space, just like your closet! You refrigerator needs to be in range of 35-38*F!

Yes, now, it's freezer time! Pull out your winter coat (some of you may still be using yours), and start throwing food out. Most things keep in the freezer for a couple months--not years; thus, if it's been taking up space in your freezer more than a year, it's time to put it in the trash. Your freezer is happiest (and your food safest) in the temperature range of -4 to 4*F. Keep it cool!

Stay tuned for tips on keeping your pantry and refrigerator well stocked!

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