Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Check Out Some of My Favorite RD Blogs on RD Day!

Beyond Prenatals - Food vs. Supplements and Real Advice vs. Fake Advice
Annette Colby -
No More Diets! A Registered Dietitian Shares 9 Secrets to Real and Lasting Weight Loss
Ashley Colpaart -
Dietitians working in food policy, a new frontier
Diana Dyer -
There and Back Again: Celebration of National Dietitian Day 2009
Marjorie Geiser -
RD Showcase for National Registered Dietitian Day - What we do
Cheryl Harris -
Me, a Gluten Free RD!
Marilyn Jess -
National Registered Dietitian Day--RD Blogfest
Julie Lanford -
Antioxidants for Cancer Prevention
Renata Mangrum -
What I'm doing as I grow up...
Liz Marr -
Fruits and Veggies for Registered Dietian Day: Two Poems
Meal Makeover Moms' Kitchen -
Family Nutrition ... It's our "Beat"
Jill Nussinow -
The Registered Dietitian Lens I Look Through
Wendy Jo Petersen -
March 11 is our day to shine!
Diane Preves -
Registered Dietitians and the White House Forum on Health Reform
Andy Sarjahani -
Dr. Seuss Tribute continued: Green Eggs and Ham and a Sustainable Food System
Rebecca Scritchfield -
Big Tips from a "Big Loser"
Anthony Sepe -
RD Showcase: Registered Dietitian Day, March 11, 2009
Kathy Shattler -
RD Showcase for Nutri-Care Consultation
UNL-Extension, Douglas/Sarpy County -
Nutrition Know How - Making Your Life Easier
Monika Woolsey -
Dietitians--Can't Do PCOS Without Them!
Monika Woolsey -
In Honor of National Registered Dietitian Day
Jen Zingaro -
My life as a Registered Dietitian


eatingRD said...

Hi! Just found your blog! I am a fellow RD who just started a foodie blog of my own. Can't wait to keep reading :)


rosiedias said...

I hope my blog can make your list one day. I am a Dietetic Technician and I just started my own blog;) rosiedias.blogspot.com