Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Registered Dietitian Day! March 11 is Our Day to Shine!

There are a handful of people I can think of who have shaped my path of choosing to become an RD (Registered Dietitian). First off my high school chemistry teacher, Mrs. Macbride sparked my initial interest in the science behind food. Next came my in-laws (although Brandon and I were not married at the time). Judy worked for an RD and Ron told me he thought it would be a perfect fit for me and my personality. Last, was the dietitian who cared for my grandmother as she died of pancreatic cancer--talk about seeing a clinical dietitian at his or her best! Of course my folks and sisters encouraged me, too! Thus began my quest to become an RD.

Since becoming an RD people are always amazed by my passion for the field of dietetics. To me, what's not to love! I have an incredible love affair with food! I am amazed by what it can do for your body, mind, & how it nurtures your soul. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with people! Whether it be to treat a disease, attain weight loss or gain goals, or cooking it up with firefighters! It is fabulous to have my patients achieve success in their goals and have the doctors thrilled when their blood values reach normal standards. I love being a dietitian!

I hope when you are faced with food issues, a disease, food sensitivities, an athletic event, or pregnancy that you consider seeking out the advice of an RD--your nutrition expert!

To find an RD near you visit the American Dietetic Association's website: www.EatRight.org

Happy Registered Dietitian Day!


Anthony Sepe said...

Happy RD Day to you WendyJo
Have a great day,

Annette Colby, PhD, RD said...

Dear Wendy Jo,

I just LOVE the passion and vitality that oozes from your blog. You truly have a love affair with food, with life, and with yourself that is an inspiration to everyone - myself included.

Happy National Registered Dietitian's Day!

With joy,
Annette Colby, PhD, RD

Edible Nutrition said...

Thanks so much Annette! I am glad that my passion comes through my blog. One wonders about that! Happy Dietitian Day to you, too! And I love your website!

hormonewoman said...

Wendy Jo,

Thank you so much for participating in blogfest, you have such a way of getting your positive vibe to jump off the computer screen, hope this lets more people take advantage of that!


Liz Marr, MS, RD said...

Wendy Jo,

Love your enthusiasm and I'm sure your clients do, too! Motivation goes a long way in nutrition.

Happy RD Day!


Cheryl Harris said...

What a nice summary of how great it is to be an RD! Your passion just jumps out of your blog, and it's great to see.

Diana Dyer said...

Wendy Jo,
Food feeds body, mind, and soul - you said it best! Happy (late) RD Day to you with hopes for decades more of them while you share your passion for good food for good health.

Diana Dyer

Theresa L. said...

It was so great to see this post...I am currently contemplating going to school for the same thing. Is there any way I could ask you a few questions over email? Are you available to talk about what you love and hate a bit? I would love to know more!

Ray Wilson said...

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