Monday, December 8, 2008

A New Twist on Stir-Fry

When planning to make a stir-fried dish, one might envision mounds of white rice under their vegetable medley. For a twist--try a noodle! No, not the ramen variety, which pack about 16gm of fat per package. Yes, those little bags are two servings per package! Who can eat half of a bag of ramen????
Udon noodles are a popular Japanese staple, that make for a great alternative to white rice. You can even find whole wheat udon noodles to give your fiber numbers a little boost! Another bonus is that they cook up in 5 minutes!
Inspired by my new treasure, I decided to chop up some of my favorite CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) vegetables: carrots, baby bok choy, green cabbage, garlic, and cilantro and create a stir-fry.
Directions: Boil your noodles according to the package. Then, in a skillet heat up 3 ts. oil over medium-high heat. If you have sesame oil--replace one teaspoon vegetable oil with 1 ts. sesame oil. Quickly toss in your carrots and garlic first and stir...fry. Next add in your favorite cabbage. Once your noodles are ready, rinse and drain. Add to the veggies and season with 1-2ts of lite soy sauce. For a little heat add crushed red pepper flakes or sliced jalapenos. For a little protein I tossed in some grilled chicken breast that I cooked up on Sunday. I hope whole wheat udon noodles tempt your plate next time you crave stir-fry! Enjoy!

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