Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fuel with Fiber in the Morning!

The holiday season puts everyone in a tizzy. One often forgets to eat breakfast as they rush out the door to catch the opening of their favorite store! Hold up...put your brakes on...eat breakfast! Make your digestive system smile with a high fiber start to the day! My new favorite is Fiber One's Caramel Delight with a whopping 9gm of fiber per serving, and it looks and tastes more like Golden Grahms!

Quick ways to fit breakfast in this holiday season:
1. On-the-Go-Gurt: Add 1/2 cup high fiber cereal to your favorite yogurt (Banana Cream Pie Yogurt with Caramel Delight is Yummy!)
2. Golden Smoothie: 1/2 cup carrot juice, 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt, 1 banana, & 1/4 cup high fiber cereal)
3. PB & Banana Sandwich: Whole wheat English muffin, 2 Tb peanut butter, 1 banana
4. Egg White Scramble: 3 egg whites (beat), 1 Tb. salsa, 1 small corn tortilla (chopped)
Start your morning off with a powerful punch of fiber, and your body will thank you!

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