Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blogfest--Dietitians Can Help Your Garden Grow

Every spring I pick a special spot in my yard to plant my garden. For me, it's almost like a "nesting." I ruffle my feathers, lay my soil, drop my seeds, provide the sun's warmth, and watch my babies grow! It's truly spectacular. This year I decided to try something different.
Of course, I went through the process of finding the perfect spot, but in my California yard I don't quite have the space to spread my wings and plant a lot--or so I thought.

I picked up the book All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew and that is where everything changed. The idea that in a square foot you can plant your vegetables closer and more efficiently in regards to space. Brilliant! On top of that Mr. Bartholemew has an enlightening take on soil. This is the first year that my garden was overflowing with growth. I planted two tomato plants, two jalapeño plants, two fennel, a row of carrots, lettuce, herbs, and sunflowers all in the space of 6x3! Take a look:

So, if you have limited space don't discount putting in a garden for the fall or next spring. It's worth it! The taste of fresh vegetables truly surpasses store bought produce. You can also enjoy the spontaneity of choosing fresh herbs for every night's dinner. Feeling the need to be inspired for tonight's dinner with your garden delights, try out these recipes:
Greek Salad
Although one may not think of a Registered Dietitian as a "foodie" and perhaps more of a food critic I'd like to challenge that perception. Part of what I love to do as a dietitian is to help people eat fresh, local produce and nourish their body with real food. I, like most dietitians, believe that all foods can fit. I just prefer to really savor the food that takes a swim in my mouth. Part of my business revolves on getting people set up with a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or getting their own garden started. Next time you look to plant a garden that nourishes your body and family consider contacting a "foodie dietitian" to help you get your garden growing!


Anthony Sepe said...

Hi Wendy Jo,
Thank you for participating in blogfest. A dietitian can help the garden grow, and grow even better. I love fresh homegrown lettuce and tomato, and making a large tomato salads for family and friends. Having freshly grown vegetable, spice and herbs of my own, I can only support you. How great for women's health, and for all to maintain a healthy realtionship with food. Have a wonderful day!
All the best,
Anthony Sepe

Liz Marr, MS, RD said...

As an avid gardener, I can relate to your post, Wendy Jo. I do feel like my vegetable garden is my baby. Like you, this year I planted much more densely than previous years, following the advice of Colorado State University Extension for planting in our arid state. I'm seeing a more productive garden this year, too.


Michelle Loy, MPH, MS, RD said...

My husband and I started our first garden this year, and it has been lots of fun. We've shared a lot of our bounty with friends who rave about how the produce is the best they've ever had. (As an RD, I do claim to be a foodie myself.) Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

If you think you don't have enough room to grow what you want to eat, just look at what one family grows (6,000 lbs) of food per year on their property (lot=66'x132')in Pasadena!

I found your blog thru Robin Plotkin's blog... adding you to my favorites.

Garlic Man