Wednesday, January 7, 2009

9 Goals for 2009

Welcome 2009! With almost a decade gone by since the millenium Americans are still not reaching the Healthy People 2010 goals set forth by the US Government and health professionals. There are even more diet books, diet pills, colon cleanses, and super foods on the market to help people achieve their "goal weight." Have they worked? Hmmmm.....
What is your goal weight? Is it realistic or even healthy? What works for you? I have the most faith in the theory that moderation is key. In order to achieve moderation, I find adding healthy foods into a diet help with removing some of the foods peole have the biggest problem moderating. With this in mind, here are some ideas of goals for 2009:
1. Eating more fish per week (6+ oz/week)
2. Increase your vegetable intake (3 cups per day)
3. Take a multiple vitamin, calcium, or fish oils daily (based on your needs)
4. Choose wholes foods—go a day without any processed foods, can you?
5. Cook more at home—prepare a new recipe each week, use your crock pot, prepare a meal that carries over to the next night's dinner
6. Go a day per week without simple (white) carbohydrates
7. Try a new vegetable every week
8. Increase your fiber (30 grams per day)
9. Cut your salt intake in half (low sodium soups or broth, no salt on the table, use lemon or lime to substitute)

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