Wednesday, November 26, 2008

12 Ounce Nutrition

A day of watching your favorite football team or parade can include tossing back a couple beers, a few glasses of wine, or indulging in a flute of champagne. Beyond the over flowing plates and heaping scoops of ice cream on your favorite pie, calories can also be added through your choice of beverages. Life is about balance, and where you get your calories during this holiday's meal is your choice. A couple tips to keep you moving in the right direction (which is not the scale moving in an upward motion):

1. Choose white meat over dark and skip the crunchy skin
2. Serve fresh vegetables versus casseroles
3. Opt out of ice cream or choose a small dollop to enjoy with your favorite slice of heaven
4. Skip the seconds and head for the hills (meaning get outside and exercise a bit!)
5. Savor a single roll and pass on the 100 calorie pat of butter
6. Relish each bite, and give thanks to the food in front of you (while realizing many in the world are not as fortunate)
7. Pumpkin pie has fewer calories than pecan (but that doesn't mean have an extra big piece of pumpkin!)
8. Eat breakfast and lunch to avoid feeling famished and overeating at dinner
9. Pace yourself--chew each morsel and sip water in between so you allow your body to tell you it's full before you are as stuffed like the turkey you just ate
10. Lastly, think twice before you throw back a couple beers or glasses of wine

Some numbers for you to think about
12-oz Regular beer 149 Calories
12-oz Light beer 110 Calories
12-oz Red Wine 240 Calories
12-oz White Wine 225 Calories
12-oz Margarita 510 Calories

Adding greens to your favorite brew will not make it 12 oz nutrition!

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